Our story begins in Pucisca, a wonderful place that two young people had to leave in search of a better life. Tonka and Tonci looked for that life in distant Canada. After many years abroad they decided to return to their little corner of the world, to a beautiful inlet where they created a tourism venture that has become a family tradition.

This tradition of many years guarantees that you will feel comfortable and content in our houses, and that we will await you with good will. Our goal is not merely to provide you with accommodation but also to introduce you to a place that will call you back, again and again.

Sometimes it’s the freshly picked cucumber from our garden which will make your day, and when it’s given with heartfelt wishes, then you will truly feel a part of our home.

Our family is dedicated to one idea: that our guests come first. We will make sure that your holiday is an experience to remember.

Who exactly are your hosts?

Tonka, who you will be welcomed by. We all call her teta Mira and her smile and cheerfulness will make up your day when she leaves freshly picked vegetables from the garden on your table . In every corner of our apartments you will feel her great commitment, hard work and dedication .
Barba Tonci will ensure that all fruit gardens , vegetable gardens and orchards are neat and ready for you to have daily access to all .
Marko will provide you with everything you need , from fresh bread and rolls , to daily press. He will take you to all destinations and fix all you need to fix. He will also inspire you with preparing tradional Dalmation dishes.
Helena is here to provide everything you need to feel comfort , freshness and warmth of all apartments and the house.
To ensure your stay on time from your homes, get as much information as possible before arriving, to make all payments to mutual satisfaction Karmen, the on-line manager, will take care of that. She is also a travel guide and can introduce you to all sights of the island.
Our family business has a bright future, and through work, dedication and great efforts we can yield great results. Our future is also the youngest member of the family , Antonio, who leads our catering business .

Spend your vacation in our place!

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